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Morges has released two full length solo albums alongside several mixtape and side compilations. Most notable of these releases would be, Life Advice (2011). Three years in the making, this album was by far the most polished release on The Foot yet. Life Advice opened the gate to new sounds with vocal appearances by Tonight...We Burn the Sky Red’s lead vocalist, Wes Furlong and Imagination Treetrunk’s, Chadio. This album has raised the bar once again for both quality of production to lyrical talent.

Prior to Life Advice, The Foot achieved unity between artists with the 876 Project (2008). This album was a compilation mixtape of locally grown artists and producers. During this era, Spit 36, Rephraze and Morges went on a British Columbia mini tour to celebrate the release. With nearly one thousand units sold, 876 is a bona fide Okanagan classic. Other notable releases from Morges include Toe Tag (2006), Seven Chakras (2007) & BSide the BS (2008). All of which remaining hidden gems in the underground music and hip-hop scene of Kelowna.

For more information on the full back catalog and future releases go to www.kelownahiphop.com. Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/morjis. Like Morges on facebook at www.facebook.com/morgesfoot. Free digital music downloads at www.music.ogfcrecords.com.

For booking information or EPK please email bookings@ogfcrecords.com.

Toe Tag (2006)
Seven Chakras (2007) Listen & Download
BSide the BS (2008) Listen & Download
Life Advice (2011) Listen & Download
Time (2012) Listen & Download


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Jeffhole has been featured on many group projects by the Foot. He is currently working on the final touches for his debut solo album entitled The Hating Game. Jeffhole doesn't like you but that doesn't mean you shouldn't like him.

Stay posted to kelownahiphop.com for further updates on upcoming releases and shows by Jeffhole.

Salt & Vinegar (Unreleased)
The Hating Game (2011)


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With more than 80 live shows to date and numerous collaborations with some of the best names in underground music, Rephraze lives to make hip hop music. Hailing from Kelowna and fundamental to the vibrancy of the local hip hop scene, Rephraze is quickly becoming a consummate performer. He has a natural gift for freestyle, well produced tracks and a reputation for keeping his sound fresh.

Rephraze writes and produces his own lyrics and beats and has recorded with, or made music for, a long list of artists including Morges, Aesthetic Deliverance, Jeffhole, Immaculate, Mad Child, Jessica Leigh and Eljay, among others in the Western Canadian hip hop scene. He has opened for Swollen Members, Grand Analog, The Phonograph, Emotionz, and was invited to tour the Okanagan with Fallan Soldier and Basic Value in March. He has asked Eljay to join him on stage. Rephraze has been featured on numerous recordings produced by other artists including the 876 Project, and is currently producing Eljay's debut album set for release in late 2010. Rephraze has chosen to allow his live performance experience to shape his music and mold his personal message before he takes his songs into the studio to record his first album—which he plans to do shortly. He promises to perform songs that will be on the album at his upcoming shows.



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Since it's launch in 2005, the Foot has released several mixtapes & collaboration albums. One such mixtape is the "876 Project" which was completed entirely by Kelowna producers/emcees. With tracks like Morning After & Well Fed, 876 is a definite classic among the Kelowna hip-hop scene. Over the years, our mixtapes have featured production by Illicit, MA$$APPEAL, Rephraze, Aalo Guha, Dynamic & Jon Hype, among others. Everyone contributing their own unique piece to the mix.

Featured Artists: Chado, Wes Furlong, Dynamic, GStyles, Illicit, Jeffhole, Jon Hype, Kagah, Ko'J, Morges, MA$$APPEAL, Matt Kron, Oddseed, Rephraze, Spit 36 & Staples.

TNMT Vol. 1 (2006)
No Hands (2007)
876 Project (2008)